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Monday, August 30, 2010

Upcycling ~ by The Patchwork Heart ♥

Rag rug made from recycled t -shirts
 in Cath Kidston colours.

 I have so enjoyed making this rug, 
my favourite so far
and yes
I have decided to keep it!
It is looking beautiful beside my bed.
I have made 3 rugs this summer holiday, 
not bad, 
the next order is a heart shaped rug
 in lipstick pinks!

Rag rug tutorial available on my blog


Unknown said...

It's so cute!

CJ said...

Very pretty, Heather! I can see why you want to keep it♥
Thanks for sharing with us!

Unknown said...

This is so cute. It will remind you of all of wonderful summer blooms.

Doris Sturm said...

This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! Wonder how long it took you to make this?

The Patchwork Heart said...

The rug took me about 2 weeks along with other crafts and days out! The rugging is quick but I kept running out of fabric and had to wait for the next car boot to buy more pink for the background!
I am enjoying it beside my bed ;)
Thanks for the nice comments
Heather x

Photography said...

Oh my! the things you can do!! It is lovely I am glad you are keeping it to enjoy :-)

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

That is very cute, I love the flowers! That is one thing I have always wanted to try (one more thing on my list, LOL).

CJ said...

hummm... I was wondering, Heather, is a "car boot" like what we here in the states would call a "flea market"?

The Patchwork Heart said...

A car boot sale is what you would call a garage sale! It is usually held in a field or parking lot.We pay a small amount each car and then set up tables and sell our junk! It is a great way to make money and a great way to find treasure! They are usually held early in the mornings on Sundays about 6am onwards!