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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shabby chic fabric pumpkins!!!

I wanted to share with you some pumpkins I've done with fabric. At first, I wanted to make pumpkins with shabby chic style, but then I ended up doing some more traditional fabric pumpkins. I add here some pictures of  my pumpkins and I invite you to visit my blog, there you will find the link to the tutorial that I used to create my pumpkins. I have also a tutorial showing how to make a fabric flower from an old t-shirt, a recycling project that takes less than an hour. Hopefully you will visit me.
Happy Halloween!!!!

This is the link to the fabric pumpkins
and my next project:
I made this fabric flowers recycling one t-shirt I had in my pile of clothes to recycle , and you can do it also. I did a tutorial on my blog showing you how to do it, here is the link  :)
I hope you will enjoy my posts!