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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Help Needed

Well ladies... I'm pregnant!  It only took three IVFs, one FET, and countless injections over the last four years.  It still hasn't sunk in yet.  I keep waiting on the bottom to fall out and the test to be false.  I'm having an ultrasound in a couple weeks to do a head count.  I had two embryos put back so unless one split I could be having twins.

I know these colors are off, but heaven help me I couldn't get the camera to take a picture with the color right on.  With the "I love Mommy/Daddy", green stripe, and yellow checkered I'm going to make receiving blankets out of them.  I want to make a blanket out of the minky celedon fabric I'm making it a blanket.  My question for all of you is, how would you finish the edge?  Satin binding?  If so which color, white?  They don't sell it the same color as the fabric.  I thought about making bias tape, but then nixed the idea.  I've seen several blankets recently where they fold under the edges and sew them down.  Should I do that?  How would you finish it?

Here's the blanket I've been crocheting.  I did switch patterns from what I previously posted.  I went with Baby Baubles Baby Blanket.  The duck onesie is what I took to my egg collection.  I told the head nurse I just needed something to fill it.

So ladies, how would you finish the blanket?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Attention All Crocheters

I am getting ready to move and I'm sorting through literally tons of fabric, yarn, knick-knacks, and so on.......and I'm finding lots of junk and then lots of treasures too!

Anyway, I found this square that I had crocheted about 15-20 years ago (I have 3 of them). I remember making them when I lived in Kansas and that I used a pattern from a hard cover book that I had bought. I would love to make some more and just wondered if anyone has the pattern or knows where I can get it.

Thanks for your help!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Aunt Pitty Pat!!

YES!!! that's right today is APP's birthday!! :)
Whether she likes it or not ~ hehehe!!! :)
So ... wishing an awesome birthday
and the best for the coming year to a sweet friend, fellow blogger, and a super swap mommie!!!

Join me with your wishes for APP by leaving a comment♥

Monday, February 21, 2011

How Charmed - Freebie

Don't fall over in shock girls but I am finally posting...thought a freebie might be nice.

Australian Homespun website has my How Charmed featured this month as their freebie. So jump across to download the directions on how to make this easy tote you can whip up over a weekend.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

CP Spring Apron Swap

            Were flirting with the 70's here as Mother Nature is on a roller coaster ride of abnormal behavior! But I'm not complaining! I also know winter isn't over yet but all my senses are geared towards spring. So, no better time to post my spring apron swap, after all, spring does begin next month! :) With that note, if you'd like to make and receive a spring themed apron, sign up HERE. The rules are easy and like all my apron swaps, just make and tuck! Which means, you hand craft a apron, full or half depending on your swap partner's preference, include some tuck ins, at least 2. Tuckins are simply goodies to tag along with your apron and they should match the theme. Some of my favorites are coffee, tea's, mugs, tea towels, etc. Deadline to join is March 1. Aprons should be mailed out by the 15th. If you think you'd like to join and can handle the fun, leave me a post along with your email addy. All are welcome as long you follow through, so please don't sign up then back out leaving someone without a partner. This won't cure my spring fever but sure will be a nice start!

Crafting with Lillie Mae's, March Newsletter

More Free Patterns. . . Lillie Mae's Crafts - March Newsletter

Click on the newsletter.

Many Blessings Everyone,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Lota Apron Sewing Goin' On!!

February has been a good sewing month for me and a lot of it has been aprons
But first I want to share pictures with you of the cutest apron I received in the
Valentine Apron Swap 2011 hosted by Sue from Country Pleasures.
My swap partner was Ms Nadine from Apron Valley Road and this is the AWESOME apron she made for me!! :)
Close up of the sweet "Nadine Original" ruffled accents at the top ...
and the pocket

And ... this is the apron I made for her ~
lots of Valentine ♥RED♥ with hearts everywhere ...
even the pockets :)

Other aprons I made this month included this set of 3 farmgirl aprons in bright,
cheery farm kitchen colors ...
for some sweet lady friends of mine
I even made one more of these cute lil' aprons for my SIL for her birthday!! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Disappearing 4 Patch Block

Several of you already know how to make a disappearing 9 patch block, but there is now a disappearing 4 patch block. Run over to SewWonderful to find this fun and easy tutorial..