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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Here she is ladies! My flowerpot pincushion!

It comes complete with...A little ribbon lady bug sitting on a fabric flower petal.

A floral fabric bird that was killing me until I painted it brown and added the blue stitching. Mr bird is either digging for worms or eating my pins. Naughty bird!

Then there's the flower. I LOVE DAISIES! Especially the bright colors of Gerber Daisies. So after trying the same yellow/green floral print fabric as the bird once was I pulled out the paint and made it a bright yellow. The center of the flower is a pin cushion. That brings me down to the pot... the main pincushion if you will. This pot was a throwback from a MOPS (Mother's Of PreSchoolers) project that we did. I had to leave the meeting early so I was never able to plant the herbs in mine like everyone else did. That made it perfect for this project. Originally the pot was pink on the bottom, but I changed it to red so one day when I make the sewing machine mat I already cut my fabric out for, the pincushion will match.

Over all I love it because it's cheery and made into something I love... flowers.


CJ said...

Jennifer ~
This whole project is amazing, but I'm very interested to know how you made that cute lil' ribbon ladybug??

Jennifer said...

I took a short piece of polka dot ribbon criss-crossed the ends and hot glued it. To me it still seemed wide on the end (head area) so when singing the ends with the soldering iron I singed the "corners" of the head of the ladybug. I then took a small piece of black ribbon and folded it just like the red and black only you are seeing the other side; it's crossing under the ladybug. For the antennas I cut the black ribbon down the center and singed the raw edges with the soldering iron. It's all hot glued together and on the leaf.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jennifer! You really showed some great creativity here with this pincushion!

Mistea said...

I'm in love with this pincushion. The sunflower is gorgeous but then you have all the extra details. Sure will brighten up your craft space and that pot will keep it in its place.

A much deserved winner.