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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter Mug Rug

I held an Easter Mug Rug swap at AuntPittyPat's blog recently. I had a very nice turn out for this swap. It was fun and worked up very fast. I have received lots of great feed back from the ladies that played along.
I have to tell you something funny! When my sweet friend Nadine visited me last Fall she introduced me to Mug Rugs......All I can say is Nadine you have created an addict!!!! I am very driven to making these little rugs they are so small, and they provide such a large impact! Do you ladies remember the old ad about potato chips that said something like this: You can't eat just one!! I am that way with mug rugs. When it's time to make them .. I can't make one I have to make at least a half dozen!!!
It's been very exciting, to see the rugs the ladies are creating for this swap. The participants have been so very clever, very creative and they have made such cute rugs!
If your interested in taking a peek at some of the rugs....
The list of swappers are still up on my blog. Run over click on some of the names and take a look. Don't worry if you click on a name and you get no where. Not all of the ladies that participated have a blog. Some of the participants are from FaceBook.

I thought I would show you the rug that I came up with. I think it turned out pretty cute. I originally made a different rug and was not very pleased with it. I move on to a different design and really liked how it turned out. What do you think?
While writing this post ... I have figured out why I like making mug rugs. They are small and you get instant gratification from them. It's a project that can be completed in a few hours not weeks. Yeah I am all about fast and getting it done!
Besides ....I can come up with tons of cute ideas for appliques on them :0}
Mug Rugs are much faster than a full sized project... and they give me just as much joy to make!
There was only one draw back on the recent swap:
The hardest part I have heard from everyone was trying to find an Easter Mug. I was a bit early for this swap. Most shops didn't have Easter items out when we needed them. I wanted the rugs and mugs to be to the partners before Easter not realizing Easter was late in the month this year.
Having said all of this... have a
I hope my timing is better in the next swap :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chicken Scratch

A few weeks I posted about "Chicken Scratch" on my blog.
My best friend Vicki  has a customer that does chicken scratch and then makes quilts.
Vicki fell in love with this art.  So she started watching her and then learned how to do it
herself.  This is her first attempt at chicken scratch.  I think it is perfect. 
She is gonna teach me too!  She brought me a  instruction book today that her customer
let her copy. I cannot wait to learn this!!!

When Vicki first shared this with me I searched the internet trying to find something about it.
Chicken scratch is a revival of a lovely needlecraft which has been known by other names. 
 You may know it as one of
the following: Tenneriffe Lace, Depression Lace, Chinese Pinwheel, Tic Tac Toe Embroidery, Hoover Star, Mountain Lace, Gingham Lace, Norwegian Embroidery, Snowflake Embroidery or Amish Embroidery
I thought I might share some links that I have found.
These look like great  instructions.
Also, click Here and Here.
And here are a couple of blogs about it:
Click here and here.

I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did when Vicki shared it with me.
I can't wait to learn and then I will show you what I have done.
We take a little trip together in May so I am planning on Vicki teaching me then.
Do you know how to do chicken scratch?
I would love to see some of your projects.
My blog is http://www.lifeslittlegarden.blogspot.com/

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Swap for those that Crochet/Knit

UP DATED 03-28-11
I have chosen a pattern.. I will not show the photo...
It will be a surprise when it is done.
I will re-write the pattern into a PDF.
After the swap is complete, I would love a photo.
I am going to sell the PDF on line.
Thanks ladies for your help :)

LOL not suggesting that we make booties for Babies.... Only just a photo I used :)
I would rather have other suggestions that all would enjoy:)

Hello ladies.. I thought it would be fun to hold a stitcher's swap for those that crochet or knit. Most of you ladies know AuntPittyPats Blog. I hold sewing swaps all the time, but my needle work friends don't get to participate in those swaps. I thought it would be fun to ask.... what sort of swap would you like if I put one together here on Pins and Needles. What would you like to make? I am sorry this is not my form of Craft ... so I need some help here with suggestions.

Doris I know you could help me with some great ideas :) I will take everyone's suggestions and try to come up with a swap that will be fun for all of you ;)
Suggestions will be taken until the end of the Month.. then I will try to put something together for you ladies...
Thanks in advance for all of your help :)
I would be happy to put together a PDF from one of my old 1950 work basket pattern books for you ladies to use.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lillie Mae's Crafts, April Newsletter

The April newsletter is ready; here's a preview of the NeW PaTtErNs. Click on the picture to download the newsletter. ENJOY!!!

Blessings Everyone,