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Monday, August 9, 2010

Results of the NeedleCrafts Poll

Do you remember the Needlecrafts Poll I put up on the sidebar when we opened this new Pins site? I hope you all participated in it!
Well, APP asked what I was going to do with it???
So, here's the answer. First, let's review the results. Some are pretty much what I expected, like ~
Sewing - 80%
Quilting - 78%
Embroidery - 73%
Applique - 57%
I was excited to see such a high percentage in ~
Crocheting - 54%
Cross Stitch - 49%
Knitting - 47%
Doll Making - 42%
One category, Lucet ~ click here to see~ I throw into the mix for fun!! Yes, it is a needlecraft, a very old one using a wooden tool to braid yarn into a cord. It dates back to the Vikings and was used by fishermen. As I thought it did not get any votes! :) hehe!!

The remaining categories that were all under 14% are the ones that I am interested in for this post. These are the ones that are unknown to most of us and I would like to give our Pins & Needles members an introduction to these needlecrafts from the members who enjoy doing them!
Sooo... here's my plan ~
If you do one of the following needlecrafts and would be willing to do a demo/tutorial, informative post about it for us, then I would love to hear from you! You will need to e-mail me for more information at:

The categories are:

Shirring, Smocking, Needle Lace, Weaving, Rug Hooking, Plastic Canvas, Punch Needle (or Needlepunch), Wool Felting, Hand Wool Felting (working with wool roving), Tatting, Needlepoint, and Tapestry.
I only need one person per category, so it will be on a "first come" basic.

~ One more statistic about the poll. 57 people voted and we only have 48 members, so that means there are still some of you who haven't become members yet. If you want to join, email APP or CJ for an invite! We'd love to have you participating! ~


The Patchwork Heart said...

Hi I am new to this blog, have just found you and am enjoying reading! I make rag rugs and am just about to write a tutorial for my blog after many requests! If you would like I can share it with you too. Cant seem to find any email add?
Please visit my blog, I have a giveaway you may like to sign up for

Mistea said...

I checked out the link to Lucet - looks like two fingered knitting. May have a little play next time I need a string for something.

Thanks for sharing.

CJ said...

Ms Heather ~ I've emailed you!! Thanks for your interest in sharing!:)

Mistea ~ It was sorta interesting, wasn't it? lol! :)

Unknown said...

Yes Heather.. thank you for wanting to share with us.. that's awesome. Mistea... your wanting to discover is what this site is all about. Sharing and learning with each other. You ladies rock.. thank you again for making this a fantastic site :)