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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back-to-School Teacher Gift

My daughter just started K3 at a local private school. Monday was her orientation, meet and greet time. While talking with her teacher I had planned on being random (in her eyes) and asking her favorite color. I changed my mind shortly after arriving. I had decided to go with blue. After most of the parents left the teacher started talking with my daughter. She asked Kaitlyn Joy her favorite color then said, "Mine is orange." So orange it is!
I left the school and headed for Hancock Fabrics for some orange fabric. As you can see I put a M for her last name. I got the idea after doing a google search and coming across a bag like it from Martha Stewart. I did end up having to quilt the bag because the fusible fleece wouldn't stick to the decorator weight fabric. I lined it with a blue, green, yellow fabric. I considered putting a pocket in it and probably should have, but goodness after the fusible fleece issue it was getting late. Her teacher sent a note saying she loves it!


Barb said...

I can see why she loves it....what a thoughtful thing for you to do for her.

Sherry said...

Very nice! I love the orange!


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I love it. I think tote bags are great gifts for teachers.

CJ said...

This is AWESOME!! and you are a very thoughtful mom to take the time and effect to make your daughter's teacher a custom made gift!♥
Great job!!

Unknown said...

How very sweet of you ;) I know your daughter is beaming with pride that her mom did a fun nice thing for her teacher. It's so nice to get handmade gifts.. It really wonderful that the teacher loved it... it did turn our fantastic...
Thank you for sharing this with us. I love the monogram idea :)

Unknown said...

This bag is great. I love the color, your daughter's teacher will never loose it! I like the simple M on it. It is really nice.