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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream !!!

Well I finished my pin chusion swap. I decided to make two and this is what I came up with being that summer is almost to an end I wanted something to remind me of it !!!!


CJ said...

AWESOME! Ms Gigi! :) They both are very pretty!
Now, you need to pick ONE for your Entry Post to publish on Sunday or Monday.
If you didn't get an email from me yesterday about the Challenge, let me know, OK?
If you or anyone else has any questions about the posting, PLEASE let me know!!!


Unknown said...

I want to enter the ice cream what do I need to do

Unknown said...

well guess I am out of the challenge I posted mine to soon

CJ said...

Hello there, Ms Gigi!!!

I hope I am not confusing you!!
YOU ARE DEFINITELY STILL IN THE CONTEST!!! It's perfectly fine that you posted your lovely pictures of your pincushions - a few others have done that too:)

Just decide which pincushion you want to enter into the contest, take a picture on that one and then wait until Sunday or Monday (the 15th & 16th) to post it. Those are the dates for the Contest postings.

Sorry, if I upset you but you did NOT do anything wrong!!
Looking forward to your Entry Post!

Unknown said...

I am sorry I didn't not mean for you to think I was upset. You didn't do anything wrong. Stupid me I was trying to make sure I got it done on time and didn't follow directions correctly. I am very please with this group and don't want you to think anything different. So then I will take another picture of the ice cream and post it sunday !!1
Sorry if I confused you !

Unknown said...

Gigi both of your pincushions are awesome... I really like the clever idea of the Ice-cream Sunday... Awesome!!!!
I also like how you embellished your little pins that are sticking out of your basket pincushion... so darling :)
Thanks for sharing it with us ;)

Unknown said...

your welcome

Jindi's Cottage said...

Great idea for a calorie free ice-cream sundae Gigi...

ladybug loves lilacs said...


Micki said...

I love them...so adorable!

Unknown said...

can't wait to see evryone elses

Doris Sturm said...

Wow, these are great - you are so talented!