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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crocheting Swap

Clip art from All about Crochet.. Click photo for helpful tips and other patterns.

Sorry Ladies it has taken so long to get back to you regarding this swap. I have been sort of busy these last few weeks. In fact so busy I haven't even sat down at the sewing machine for 3 weeks. That is a first for me! I have re-opened my Etsy shops and they are taking a lot of my time right now. Once I get them up and running again that will slow down some. I did take the time out to make the patterns for this swap though :) Yeah for you!!!

I have rewritten the 1958 Workbasket pattern into a PDF and it should be very easy for you to read and follow. Once again the pattern for this swap is a surprise ;) Those that crochet might be able to figure out the items fast... If you figure it out right away.. Please don't disclose it to the others. I am hoping by having the pattern as a surprise, it will make this swap fun to join.

To join in this swap send the following info to:
I need the following:
Phone number (a must to play .. for my eyes only!)
Will you ship international?
Have you been in my swaps?

You will be making one of each patten that is in the PDF. That means two different items. They are small so hopefully everyone will be able to complete your items eaisly :) I don't know anything about crochet..but the skill level looks beginner to me! You can use scrap yarns, new yarns or what ever embellishments you want to finish off this project. Make it your own and have fun with it.
I will send you the PDF when I assign partners.
If you have questions about the pattern please send me an email. I copied the pattern by each symbol from the resource page. If the pattern doesn't make sense I will try to find the needed corrections from a more experienced needle artisan :)

Ok back to requirements of swap
One of each item in pattern (total two items)

One plastic item to fit inside one of the project
One summer drink item
One of your favorite summer food recipes

I APP don't know slip stitch about crocheting....

APP will not be playing in this swap, but would love a gift set of the crocheted items..
For her personal use :)
If your interested in being my Angel I will send you my address ;)
If I have more than one taker on this request I will put your name in the hat ;)
Ladies thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness!!

Pins and Needles will not Angel any swaps listed on this blog. Enter at your own risk! I will make every effort to check blogs.
You must be a member or a follower of Pins to play!!

Swap will be limited to the first 50 players.

Sign ups start Today and End April 22nd. I will assign partners within a couple of days. Projects have to be at your partners house no later than May 28th.


Doris Sturm said...

May I recap about what I would be signing up for (to be sure I understand this)... I agree to make two patterns of unknown nature and include what?

I'd like to join, but first, I'd like to know if I even have the materials it takes to participate as I do not have a car and shopping is not easy for me. I do have a lot of worsted weight yarn in different colors, but I don't know what else I would need to buy since I'm trying to safe my money for a car, so maybe I should sit this one out.

karisma said...

Oh I wanna play, how do I become a member? I have been following along waiting for this post. :-) I am a follower, did not realise there was membership.


Unknown said...

karisma.. please leave your email address and I will send you and invite. When you accept you can post up here on the blog also.. until then you can only follow along!
Once I send you and e-mail I will delete the info from public view ;)