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Monday, June 14, 2010

With Yarn and Hook...

Winter is certainly here in The Land Down Under and I have been making cosy scarves with yarn and hook - remembering what a quick and versatile craft crochet is.
Great for taking with you too, which was my original reason for starting crochet projects recently - fits in all those little waiting spaces between jobs.
This scarf is made using a Star motif design - they are joined as you go, no sewing together at the end - gotta love that. When you are done there are just some threads to weave in.

A bright spiral scarf for Ms7 - pinks and blues - perfect.

My version of the South Bay Shawlette pattern from Lion Brands - a deep purple mohair mix - soft and warm. All ready for when Ms M celebrates in July.

I'll be back soon to see what everyone else is working on around here.
Thanks to 'The Pins and Needles Queens' for the opportunity to share.
Happy Creating (whatever your craft)



NadineC said...

Oh, how beautiful! I love it all, and especially the spiral scarf. I sew quite well, but I'm afraid all I can do as far a knitting/crocheting is just long rectangular things, LOL! Not beautiful works of art like these :-)

CJ said...

Hey, Mistea!
I love your beautiful scarves♥ and the shawl is very lovey ~ looks so soft and comfy. I never learned to knit or crochet, even though I must say that my Mom sure tried to teach me. lol! But I love anything handknit or crocheted and cherish the wonderful items my daughter knits for me! :)
Thanks for sharing with us! and keep cozy & warm down there♥

Unknown said...

Ms. T :)
You are one creative gal from the down under. I love the scarf... It looks very warm and cozy. Not to mention I love the color of your shawl. Mohair.... aweeeeeeeeeeeee softie :)

Jennifer said...

You've inspired me. I found myself looking up scarf patterns after reading this post. I told my daughter she needs a spiral scarf for school. It's really cute!