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Monday, June 21, 2010


Hello fellow Pins and Needles Bloggers. I have a question for you what would you like to see here in our new site? Since our blog is so new it would be nice to get some suggestions of things to offer you. I have seen other forums like this do interviews, offer products from vender's, show case another persons blog, tutorials, links to fun web sites, original patterns from members, new ideas, product reviews, give aways from other members... what??? Please give me an idea where to start. I want our new Pins site to be successful and interesting to our readers. I would also like to see more of us posting our amazing handcrafted items. :) I know your out there.. I also know its summer and a lot of you don't blog as much :)
Thanks for any new direction that you can give us :)


Doris Sturm said...

I have several questions:

How do I post my work on here?

Do we still have Saturday Night chats and if so, how does it work now? I have a gmail account, but in order to chat you have to have everyone's e-mail address which I don't.

How do you know the people's names who are members?

NadineC said...

As far as suggestions, I say "all of the above!" I especially love tutorials and original patterns. I'm always looking for something new to make. After I retire (August), I'll have a few of my own original patterns to share - I'm just too busy right now to do what it takes to get them out here, or on my blog :-)

Francien said...

Yes i do love to see what others are making..we are all proud of our makings aren`t we? and most of us like to share...i would also loved to know how the little flowers in the picture of the scarf ware made and which wool was used...or a link to the tutorials on the blogs which has posted their creations here..like you did with the lovely stitching pattern...i know that its hard to pick something thats almost everybody`s taste...but you did a great job sofar...
greetings from the Netherlands....Francien.

CJ said...

Doris ~ I've emailed you!! If you don't get it, please message me on FaceBook,
Cathy (CJ)♥♥

Jennifer said...

I was wondering about that scarf pattern too. Did you get the pattern online?

Synnove said...

Tutorials are always good! And swaps are fun so that would be nice:-) Maybe some challenges from time to time, like "one UFO a month" or "try a new technique" or things like that... Then we can post about our results. Just suggestions from me, I love to sew and to blog:-)

CJ said...

Ladies ~
Thanks for the questions about Mistea's beautiful knitting! I've emailed her and she will get back over here to answer you as soon as she can!
Keep your suggestions and questions coming!!

angiesraggedypatch said...

I love the idea of swaps and challenges.
I'd also like to see a list of everyones blog, so that I can visit all you at your blogging home!