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Thursday, February 17, 2011

CP Spring Apron Swap

            Were flirting with the 70's here as Mother Nature is on a roller coaster ride of abnormal behavior! But I'm not complaining! I also know winter isn't over yet but all my senses are geared towards spring. So, no better time to post my spring apron swap, after all, spring does begin next month! :) With that note, if you'd like to make and receive a spring themed apron, sign up HERE. The rules are easy and like all my apron swaps, just make and tuck! Which means, you hand craft a apron, full or half depending on your swap partner's preference, include some tuck ins, at least 2. Tuckins are simply goodies to tag along with your apron and they should match the theme. Some of my favorites are coffee, tea's, mugs, tea towels, etc. Deadline to join is March 1. Aprons should be mailed out by the 15th. If you think you'd like to join and can handle the fun, leave me a post along with your email addy. All are welcome as long you follow through, so please don't sign up then back out leaving someone without a partner. This won't cure my spring fever but sure will be a nice start!


Barb said...

What a cute apron!

Gem said...

Is this open to people in the UK as well?

Unknown said...

Yes Gem, all are welcome!

Gem said...

OOOO I shall sign up to this then, Thanks : ) xxx

Micki said...

That is an incredible apron! So cute!