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Any day spent sewing, is a good day. ~Author Unknown
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Lota Apron Sewing Goin' On!!

February has been a good sewing month for me and a lot of it has been aprons
But first I want to share pictures with you of the cutest apron I received in the
Valentine Apron Swap 2011 hosted by Sue from Country Pleasures.
My swap partner was Ms Nadine from Apron Valley Road and this is the AWESOME apron she made for me!! :)
Close up of the sweet "Nadine Original" ruffled accents at the top ...
and the pocket

And ... this is the apron I made for her ~
lots of Valentine ♥RED♥ with hearts everywhere ...
even the pockets :)

Other aprons I made this month included this set of 3 farmgirl aprons in bright,
cheery farm kitchen colors ...
for some sweet lady friends of mine
I even made one more of these cute lil' aprons for my SIL for her birthday!! :)


Barb said...

All the aprons are sooooo adorable....the first one is just as cute as it can be...lucky you!!

Unknown said...

ADORABLE!!!!! I love them all but the last one is so PERFECT!!! :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

I love all the aprons but adore the heart pocket one..

Unknown said...

Very nice aprons.. I love the little cloths pins aprons.. they are adorable ;)
Thanks for sharing you wonderful fun swap packages with us.. I don't know about others but I love seeing all the creative things our ladies make!

Gem said...

These are truly scrumtious, I am in love with the Heart one xxx