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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Owl Shirt & Hair Bow

I'm sick and tired of being sick! For some reason while feeling terrible this weekend I couldn't talk myself into vegging out. Remarkably my husband was totally cool with sitting on his rear all day. *rolls eyes* I had to put my restless hands to work despite having an achy body. The DIY Dish just rolled out their first video project of the year. It's an owl pin cushion! So for all with scrap fabric who really need another pin cushion or know someone who would love it for Christmas, you should pop on over there and get the free pattern.

I used the owl pattern to embellish a $3 Walmart shirt. The legs on the owl are floppy just like in the pattern. The owl clip detaches from the bow so she can have a smaller option to wear or even if she wears it with a different top. The legs on the clip are made of orange braided ribbon.

Seeing how she's only three and has never shown interest in owls, I was amazed how much she loved this shirt. I believe she was calling it her "cool owl shirt". Cool might be the wrong word.

In the photo of Kaitlyn Joy, she's actually sick and has been for three days. She's a good sport though. She REALLY wanted to wear the shirt and was willing to smile for the camera to do so.


Doris Sturm said...

Oh, what an adorable little girl, Kaitlyn is and how cute she looks in that owl shirt...nice job! I love the pin too!

Barb said...

soooooooooooooo cute!

Jackie's Stitches said...

She is adorable! Love the shirt and pin too.

CJ said...

Cute, cute, cute Jennifer!!! Isn't it fun to sew for little girls?♥

Unknown said...

Hope she is feeling better - she is such a cutie! I love the t-shirt, I wish my baby was young enough to still want a shirt like this!