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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lillie Mae's Crafts Newletter for October is Out!!

Ms Brenda has done it again!!!
Another great NEWSLETTER filled with wonderful FREE HALLOWEEN patterns, tips, ideas and another FREE E-Book!!! Wow!!!

You can click HERE to go read it, And ...
You can see all of Brenda's past Newsletters on her website in the Archives Section.
Click HERE to see.

Don't miss out on the October Newsletter ~
I can't wait to start looking through the list of links for FREE Halloween patterns!!!

You are a real sweetheart!♥♥


Unknown said...

Brenda the news letters keep getting better and better.. thank you so much for the fun wonderful Patterns and Happy Birthday Thang 3 :) and Janet.. I hope you have wonderful fun days on your Birthdays.. Once again Brenda thank you for the wonderful fun filled news letter ;)

Doris Sturm said...

Happy October to all my fellow crafting ladies and Happy Birthday to all October babies, including my own daughter who will be 33 on the 28the of October - I still remember as if it were yesterday!