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Monday, August 1, 2011

More Chicken Scratch

I am so excited about learning chicken scratch.
Just wanted to show you one of the things I have been working on.
I plan to make a pillow or frame it.
Perfect, no! But at least I am trying.
I have been trying to learn a lot lately and this is one of them.
I am loving doing handwork!
If you would like to see more of what I am learning you can click Here!


Jennifer said...

I love it! It really makes me want to make my daughter a dress and then try my hand at chicken scratch on it.

Unknown said...

This is fantastic.. thank you so much for sharing your new sewing skill with us all.. what a great inspiration to start doing my hand sewing ;)

Unknown said...

Looks great! Keep it up. :)

God bless and keep you,

Michelle Ridgway said...

Wow you are doing a fantastic job. I have only ever seen the white geometric type designs...can't get over it. Wonderful!
Michelle Rag-tag Sttichin'

Doris Sturm said...

This is adorable! I've never heard of chicken scratch before but even the name sounds like fun...I clicked on your image to make it large and I really like this stitch - it's a lot more fun than the boring X stitch...I just wish I had younger eyes...I don't like looking at little things anymore.

Nice job!

ladybug loves lilacs said...

Beautiful! All I have ever seen is the crosses in chicken scratch. I really like the way you incorporated a scene.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Hi Denise...thanks for visiting me! I know NOTHING about this needleart. Beautiful my friend.

Yep...that cookbook I blogged about is amazing!


Unknown said...

Oh that is just gorgeous Barb , I love it 1

GardenOfDaisies said...

I love your chicken scratch!!