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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Swap for those that Crochet/Knit

UP DATED 03-28-11
I have chosen a pattern.. I will not show the photo...
It will be a surprise when it is done.
I will re-write the pattern into a PDF.
After the swap is complete, I would love a photo.
I am going to sell the PDF on line.
Thanks ladies for your help :)

LOL not suggesting that we make booties for Babies.... Only just a photo I used :)
I would rather have other suggestions that all would enjoy:)

Hello ladies.. I thought it would be fun to hold a stitcher's swap for those that crochet or knit. Most of you ladies know AuntPittyPats Blog. I hold sewing swaps all the time, but my needle work friends don't get to participate in those swaps. I thought it would be fun to ask.... what sort of swap would you like if I put one together here on Pins and Needles. What would you like to make? I am sorry this is not my form of Craft ... so I need some help here with suggestions.

Doris I know you could help me with some great ideas :) I will take everyone's suggestions and try to come up with a swap that will be fun for all of you ;)
Suggestions will be taken until the end of the Month.. then I will try to put something together for you ladies...
Thanks in advance for all of your help :)
I would be happy to put together a PDF from one of my old 1950 work basket pattern books for you ladies to use.


Doris Sturm said...

Well, you're showing baby booties, but to be honest, I'm not into baby crochet as I do not have access to babies and no grand children in sight - my favorite things to crochet is hats, scarves, doggy sweaters, kitchen accessories and yes, even pin cushions for the ladies that sew, but we already had a pin cushion swap, so maybe a pot holder would be pretty because everyone can use those...or anything for the kitchen really, but it's up to you and I will go along with what everyone wants, even if it means making something for a baby - I'm not anti-baby, it's just not what I generally crochet!

Doris Sturm said...

p.s. I also like to crochet amigurumis - you know, stuffies, animals and such!

March 12, 2011 6:36 PM

Unknown said...

Though I'm a quilter at heart... I have picked up crocheting. I am new at it but so far I have crocheted scarves, a handbag and small afghans.

I'm always looking for a new pattern to try... so what ever you decide, I'm sure will be a good choice. :)

karisma said...

I am fairly new to crochet but I have been trying out all sorts of baby patterns lately as their are 3 new blessings arriving in my world this year. friends and family).

Amagarumis sound like a challenge, my only attempt there has been the golden snitch from Harry Potter. I made xmas ornaments.

I have been having great fun with new patterns and learning to follow them so would love to join in with what ever you decide.


karisma said...

PS. Just a thought, since you are saying 1950's how about tea cozies? You can knit or crochet those, I have tried both and its quite fun! Leaves room for creativity too. Does everyone have to use the same pattern or can we choose something similar to what ever you choose? Just thought that those who are more advanced could certainly get creative with this one but it would be simple enough for beginners as well.

Mistea said...

I like the tea cosy Idea lots of room to create something individual and interesting - sure does brighten up cuppa time even if it just a decoration.

Washcloths and pot holders are a good choice for those who are beginners.

Val said...

I love crocheting and I LOVE those little booties. I wish I knew how to make those. When I get good enough I will join in a swap but just not experienced enough yet.

Shauna said...

I am new here and would love you to come visit and follow me to :)

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Knit or crocheted dish cloths are always useful. I also like to knit/crochet bags and scarves.

moonstruckcreations said...

Hiya, and thanks for following my blog!

I love crochet and would be up for a swap - I guess it would have to be something we could get done within a reasonable timeframe...tea cosies sound great but I would be happy to have a go at any crochet project.

Look forward to hearing more!


ladybug loves lilacs said...

I love to crochet and I am learning knitting. I like the dishcloths or I think the tea cosies or any kitchen item would be fun!
Will be watching to see what is decided. :)