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Sunday, January 9, 2011

PHotO of ChriStmaS GiFts

I thought I would share a few photos, of Christmas gifts I made for the family this year. This little Annie went to my Bubba's Girlfriend ;)

Below you will find two of the three Quilts that I made for my family this year... the top one was for the Step Monster and the bottom one was for the Big Daddie O. No photo of Bubba's quilt yet.
I personally am still amazed that I got so much done... Several of you knew.. that I completed the hand stitched blocks just two weeks before Christmas.. then it was time to put the blocks together and construct the rest of the Quilts. I was able to get all of the quilts done except for the hand tying. The embellishments were on.... Then last weekend I finished them up and two of them are at their homes.. being enjoyed by the old people as they watch TV, resting in their reclining chairs ;)

I had a lot of fun making these quilts.. I just wish I didn't have to rush at the last min.. I spent over 6 months working on the blocks of these quilts... I know if I had sewn all weekend long every weekend.. it would not have taken 6 months.. but I did these blocks on my spare time. I figured out that each block took about 4-5 hours each for me... I was just very excited they liked them after all that work :)
If I was guessing these quilts are full size.. I think they ended up as 100X85 inches.
The main blocks were 18 inch blocks and there were 12 of those.


Unknown said...

Are those the quilts you were working on even in the wee hours of Christmas eve? Very nice!

Barb said...

The doll is adorable and the quilts are so amazing...lots of work but worth it.

Ann said...

the doll is adorable and the quilts are fabulous.

Unknown said...

Yes Sue the same quilts ;)Thank you ladies for the warm compliments ;)

CJ said...

You amaze me!! That was a lot of sewing in a short time!! :)
Way to go, Auntie!

Doris Sturm said...

Awesome! Lovely Annie and those quilts are just marvelous. Those will be in the family for a very long time.