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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Update From CJ

Hello, Sweet Ladies!!

I would like to extend another Welcome to Pins!!! as we are growing very fast and have had a few more members join this past week! :) We now are at 37 members and 51 followers!!

I want to answer a few questions here in this post ~

1. Are we connected with Pins & Needles on Ning? Yes!! We are from the Pins & Needles Group on Ning that was started by Ms Brenda Greenwalt. Our reason for starting this blog is to keep the ladies in the group together who wished to do so, as the site on Ning will be closing soon. We are so happy to have the sweet and talented Ms Brenda join with us here on the new site:)
2. How do I join here? Blogger allows us to have up to 100 authors (members) and we are at 37 right now, so there is still room for you to join. Send M (APP) or Cathy (CJ) an e-mail to request an invitation. Joining is by invitation only, but... Pins & Needles is open for everyone to read and leave comments!
3. What is the reason for this blog? Pins & Needles is a place to post about and read about needlework projects. We all love to see pictures of other people's needlecraft projects and read the stories about them. If you used a pattern or tutorial, please include the link. I've seen questions in the comment boxes asking how to find a pattern or tutorial. We do have a few rules - please do not advertise anyone's business, but giving us the link to where you got a pattern or book for the project in your post is just fine!!! We just don't want to start promoting businesses, because how can you be fair and where do you stop?
The focus of this site is needlecrafts, so please keep that in mind when you post.
FYI ~ There is a Member's List on our sidebar which has a link to each member's blog (if they have one). This makes it easier for you to visit their personal blogs for non-needlecraft related posts.

Did you know that we have a Tutorial Page?? That's right!! Here's the link ~
Stitchin' The Day Away
Check it out! There's a few cute patterns on there already :)

There is a survey on our sidebar for you to take. It's interesting to know just what types of needlecrafts are are being represented here.

One last thing ~ Our first Challenge has begun and there are 10 players so far, but still time for you to join in the fun!!! Sign ups go until July 21st.
Click HERE for the details!

Keep on stitchin'!!!
Hugz to all,
Cathy (CJ)♥♥

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