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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pins & Needles Tutorial Page

Just in case you didn't know ~
Pins & Needles has a tutorial page called Stitchin' The Day Away
This is where you are going to find some wonderful free patterns, tutorials and other helpful tips, ideas, and information for you to use. We will try to post here of Pins & Needles with a link, when something new is posted on the tutorial page so you will know about it.
If you haven't been over there, go check it out! There are a few goodies posted already:)
I am lovin' the This & That E-Book from sweet Ms Brenda. Definitely saved that one. Sooo much info in it. I was getting all kinds of inspiring ideas reading it (I'm thinking Christmas gift ideas, are you too?) Check it out!! Thanks again Ms Brenda!! You are one sweet, talented Lady!!♥

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Unknown said...

Cj thank you for reminding everyone.. that we have a wonderful fun tutorial site to go along with our Pins site. Ladies if you haven't visited that page yet you are missing out on some fun stuff. Run over there and take a look see:)