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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Some new tutorials for you !!!

The first tutorial of this year is ready on my blog and I start with the topic of
recycling, reusing and repurposing. If there are between you who are interested in
this subject, in my tutorial I show how I made to transform a pair of jeans in a
handy needlecase.
This is the front of my needle case
 and the back
Here is the link where you can find the tutorial.
I've also done other tutorials, such as how to make this  this scarf using water
soluble stabilizer, yarns and threads and the tutorial where I show how to make
this scarf is here.

Another project I've done is this wine gift bag.

These are are bags to carry bottles of wine, my idea is to use them when we go to
dinner or lunch at the house of friends, and want to offer as a gift something more
than just wine.
I did a tutorial and here is the link.

Hopefully you will enjoy these projects, since January just begun, I wish you all a
happy year 2013 full of creativity.


FleurBleue said...

Some nifty ideas. Well done.


Unknown said...

Marisa I see your back at it making all sorts of wonderful stuff. Thank you for the links to the great tutorials... Your a Gem :O) Yes I will take one of each thank you :)

EMMA said...

Love the bag! have just had a huge clear out and have lots of jeans that are beyond wearing, and was just discussing possible re-cycled jeans projects with my sister in law. I had a very simplified version of this bag (I can't sew very well) in mind. I love that you have made it into a needle bag - way to complicated for me just yet but will definitely be attempting it in the future should my sewing skills improve. Thanks for sharing the Link.
I have denim patchwork blanket idea but am a bit worried about sewing denim on a machine - any tips?

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Lots of great tutorials! I love the needle case made from a jeans pocket. Great idea!

Unknown said...

I want to thank you all for your nice comments, I appreciate that! Thanks for taking the time to write such nice comments and especially I'm glad you liked the tutorials I have done.
Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Hi Ema, I have read your message and what I can give you as a tip when sewing denim is:
1) use a jeans needle number 90 or 100 (that's what I use)
2) try to make a running stitch where each point is long, I hope you understand what I mean, and
3) low-speed sewing ! when sewing on a thick fabric.
In general you should not find any difficulty to sew on jeans, do not forget to give me news if you try to do this project!
Happy sewing, Marisa.