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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to sew a crazy quilt clothespin bag.

Hello everyone, today I would like to share with you a new tutorial that I uploaded on my blog recently. My idea was to make a clothespin bag and I decided to make this project using the technique of crazy quilt.

This is a tutorial I made in two parts,in the first publication you will find all
the steps that I made before starting to sew. I show you how to dye  with tea,

how to draw the pattern

and also I added a link to a tutorial that shows how to crochet flowers.

Here you will find the tutorial for the first part,

Yesterday I uploaded the last part of the tutorial. I will share with you some
photos of my crazy quilt clothespin bag.

and here is the tutorial for  the second part.

I hope you enjoy this project, I had great pleasure in making it.
Have a happy sewing day!



Jennifer said...

Wow, I don't think anyone has a prettier clothespin bag. It looks like it should be hung up as decor.

Unknown said...

You take my breath away with all your lovely creations. This clothes pin bag... just makes me want to do Laundry with a smile... as most of my FB followers know... I HATE LAUNDRY!!! I might look forward to doing it with such a lovely bag to put my pins in....
Thank you so much for sharing another one of your fantastic projects with us.

Unknown said...

Hi Khristina and Jennifer, thank you very much for your lovely comments. I'm glad you liked it. Actually it was a project that I loved to do and I love to use.

Sherry said...


Corrabelle said...

My goodness, I think this is too pretty to hang out in the rain, sun, and any other elements! It would make a sweet little bag for diaper pins for a baby's room though!

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous.. I love crazy quilt pattern.. Thankyou for the tutorial..:))