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Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello Blog Visitors :O)

Hello Everyone. I have noticed we are starting to get a lot of traffic and are having some awesome comments. If you are interested in being an author to our fast growing web site, you can simply comment leaving your email address and I will send you and invite to be a contributor. What is the benefit of being a contributor? You can post some of your lovely creations and tutorials here on this blog. As you can see we have had some awesome posts and tutorials from our members. 
We would love having you share your wonderful work with all of us. 
** If you are already an contributor and want to be removed for the list.. 
let me know and I will delete your name.**
Thanks ladies and have a Fantastic Day!


Unknown said...

Hello I am proud to have received an invitation to contribute to your blog, thank you very much. I accepted the invitation, I do not know now what I have to do, is the first time I receive an invitation as well, if you can guide me, I appreciate it. thanks for the invitation, I'll put the button that says "I am a member of pins and needles", is okay?.

Unknown said...

Thank you for accepting our invitation to be a author to our Pins and Needles blog. We look forward to your projects, that you will share with all of us!
Thank again from the Admin of Pins.