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Monday, June 4, 2012

Teacher Gift

School is out for the summer and my Kindergarten bound child asked last night when she's going back to school.  Hahaha...  Let's hope her love for school stays.

We made her teacher an apron for her end of the year gift.  Given that Kaitlyn Joy is older now and can contribute I gave her a piece of fabric, thread and a hoop.
 I had to re-thread her needle about a 1,000 times; it felt that way anyways. =)  She would tangle the string or go around the hoop.
 Although we talked about it a ton, she couldn't grasp the idea of small stitches.  I was okay if they were between small and medium, but she would make CRAZY big ones.  I pulled some out.  I bought a gel fabric pen (loved it!!!) and as you can see I put, "Kj May 2012".  Kj is how I always write her name on Facebook and in notes to her teacher.
 I used the triple stitch (whatever it's fancy name is, that's just what it did) to sew each of the kids hand prints onto the apron.  I know they aren't bold even though they're a different color, but I didn't want them sticking out any more than this.  After debating sewing each name onto the apron and knowing it would take to long (I finished last minute) I used the gel pen to write each child's name on their hand print.

And here it is finished!
Just in case she's having a non-teacher feeling day, I made it reversible.


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Great job! I love the first picture of her laying on the trampoline and working hard.

When my kids were younger and wanted to embroider I used dots somewhat evenly spaced instead of lines to draw the design. Then I would try to get them to go from dot to dot and that helped them make somewhat uniform stitches.

Jennifer said...

Oh, good tip! Next time we aren't using blue fabric I'll try that. She struggled to see the blue ink (washable) on this one.

Unknown said...

Fantastic Aprons!! What a joy to see their little faces after they accomplish such a wonderful and fun task.. Good job!!