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Any day spent sewing, is a good day. ~Author Unknown
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Color Book" for a 2-year old

Here's a fun project I just completed. It's for my little friend, Abby, for her 2nd birthday Thursday, to help her learn her colors. You can see the complete details and LOTS of pictures on my blog: Apron Valley Road.


Unknown said...

Very Cute Nadine.. thank you for sharing this lovely little project with us... I just love the ribbon tie for the binding ;O)

Anonymous said...

Oh my Nadine!!! This is the second cloth book I've seen, and I love yours! It is something like I've been thinking about! But I love your 'eyes' to put it together with! Great Job! ♥♥♥

Sherry said...



CJ said...

You outdid yourself again, Nadine!! That lil' book is so awesome! Soooo creative :) Thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...

This is SUCH an amazing idea! You make me want to get serious about learning to use my sewing machine!