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Friday, January 13, 2012

I am a bit late..

Hello everyone.. I am still running behind but I thought I would show you my Christmas Stocking that I made for my Annual Christmas Swap... I had a great time making this little guy. I used variegated, and silver threads on it. I have to admit.. I made a mistake on it.. I discovered the mistake when I edited the photos. I didn't even notice until it was already in the mail. Do you see the mistake??
OH well makes it all the more one of a kind :O) 
I hope my partner loved hers.. I was very excited when I received my exchange from her :O)
 I will modify this post soon to show all of you her lovely stocking!

I also made a fun craft apron for my daughter out of used jeans.... The center pocket has a zinger to attach your scissors and the pocket is to keep them tucked out of the way when not in use ;O)


Jennifer said...

The only thing I see is it's backwards. =) It looks wonderful though.

Unknown said...

Jennifer isn't that strange all my stockings here are that direction! Purchased ones are also that direction... strange :O)

Jennifer said...

Really? All mine go the other way.

Unknown said...

LOL I didn't realize there was a right and wrong direction on Stockings?
Can anyone advise? Is there a reason or is it because it's more pleasing to the eye facing that direction?
LOL Jennifer the mistake for me at least is.. I didn't put the mouth on the snowman :O)

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Adorable stocking. I love that the snowman is throwing a snowball.

Jennifer said...

Hehehe... I was just coming back on to see what the mistake really was.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Lovely stocking! Mine all face that way too:)

Love the denim apron - practical and fun.

Quiltingranny said...

My oldest granddaughter saw this apron and loved it! Thanks for sharing!

♥ my diary♥ said...

Nice post thanks for sharing..blessings for you...loves soraya

Nancy Jo said...

The stocking and the Apron came out really cute. You are handy.
I think about you everyday when I write in my journal, I taped your card that came with the journal in the front of the book.
Rain here all day, you are probably getting about the same. I was out getting a big grocery order and got pretty wet.
Nancy Jo

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone for all you sweet compliments. The little apron was really easy to make. I used the back side of Jeans and then just added the center pocket. Of course I had to applique something on it :O) The waist band is a loose long sash that thread through the button holes.. It was very fun and easy to make... I might make some of these as Christmas gifts for family and friends.. I can see all sorts of things being done with these... rick rack, lace, gathered fabric behind the pockets.. buttons, sparkles and so on.. so my friends create create create :O)

netdera said...

hmm! very nice

Serendipity Handmade + Vintage said...

I love that apron! What a good idea. I've seen a full apron out of a jeans leg that I thought I might try someday.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

No worries, this Ozark Farm Chick kinda stays behind. My mom used to say, "the hurrieder I go the behinder I get!"

Mistake...never, I love uniqueness!

Speakin' of that little apron is just too stinkin' cute.

God bless and have a magnificent day! :o)

rubyslipperz1052 said...

What a GREAT idea for an apron! Great inspiration!