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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Did you Know???

Did you know that you can save a copy of your blog template? I knew that :)  but I had not saved mine...since all the new changes on blogger. You can be rest assured I now have a copy of both the new APP blog and Pins and Needles in case I have issues with the site again.
Speaking of issues.. thank you everyone for all your sweet comments and emails regarding my blogs.
I really appreciate all your kind support!!
I was just heart sick thinking I lost the blogs!!!
Hugs from M and Pitty

How do you save a copy??? Go to your design tab and click on it... then you need to click on edit html... from there....  there is a box that asks if you want to save a copy before you edit... just click on that button and it will save a copy of your blog to your computer!! I will have to remember to try and back up more than every year or so now!!

If you have not already saved a copy of your blog run over and do it now!!!! Don't spend hours like I did yesterday fixing my blog...

Your photos and other items might shift around but most of your content is still there ;) All of the blog posts are there.. I am referring to the the side bars... when I say the photos will shift around.. Better to have items switched around than lost all together!!
Good Luck and Happy Saving..... 

Yes Blogger has had a lot of PROBLEMS lately!!!


Jeni said...

thank you for this very important info...i am going to try now

Doris Sturm said...

I'm one of the lucky ones who missed the whole blogger problem everyone had last week or so ago... and why would I need a copy of my template?

Happy Memorial Day tomorrow :-)