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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lillie Mae's Crafts Newsletter for November

Ooopppsss!!! I forgot to tell you about LillieMae's November Newsletter being out, uh ... that was a few weeks ago! So sorry!! Run over and check out the cute new Autumn Annie patterns that Ms Brenda has for us!!:) Pictured above is Topsy-Turvy Pilgrim & Indian Doll. Isn't that cute! I remember making a topsy-turvy doll for my daughter when she was young. It was Little Red Riding Hood, the Grandma, and the Wolf all in one, Fun! :) Go check out the new patterns ~
Lillie Mae's Crafts November Newsletter

~ ScareCrow Annie & Pumpkins ~

Thank you once again sweet Ms Brenda for some more AWESOME Annie patterns!!!
You are a real sweetheart♥ to share your talents with us!!:)


Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this for us.. Your right on top of things as usual. Your a great editor ;)

Unknown said...

I love scarecrow annie!!!